Practicing C95/99
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C Practice

This is a repository that will serve as a backup for my C practice as per the (C99) book Practical C Programming.

I’m focusing on creating small programs as well as following what the book has. My main goal is to type everything out so I can get accustomed to writing C and have it feel more natural.

Project Info

Some info on the files that I’m practicing with, they should also contain proper commenting that explain some more of course.

  • basics/hello/hello.c
    • Hello World script that shows off different ways to go about saying hello world
  • basics/grades/grades.c
    • A simple student grade checking scripting. Shows off things I’ve learned and whatnot.
  • Etc.
    • The rest will follow the same sort of format


I’ve Started reading on C11 and some modern practices, so once I’m nearing the end of the book I’ll start on the modern directory as well as the challenges directory which will just be programming challenges to get me learning things faster.