A Guide on Frugal Living
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Frugality, A Guide To Frugal Living

Why This Guide?

This is a guide to frugal living. With these uncertain times we live in and having so many people without jobs it's becoming more apparent that relying on the "ecosystem" if you will of modern consumerism is quite unreliable as it's not sustainable for people with lower incomes or that are struggling to make ends meet. The reality is, not everyone can live frivolously so providing a guide for people to learn about new frugal ways of living can not only help with money, but also set long-term standards for ways of living.

The Goals Of This Guide

My goal for this guide is to be a resource for people to find affordable ways to be happy, healthy and hygienic. This guide isn't going to tell you to buy some product, it's a resource for either finding ways around spending money or how to spend your money to save you money or in some cases to make your money back.

Some definitions for what I mean by Happy, Healthy, and Hygienic.


Meaning an affordable ways to entertain oneself or family. Netflix, Hulu, etc are not only values ways of entertaining oneself it's also costly, so in this guide I'll explain ways to mitigate cost and get you some free education in there as well.


Meaning that this guide will provide recipes and habits to save money but also be as healthy as possible. Ordering food is not only a waste of money it's also a waste of time and I'll go other that more in that section of the guide.


Meaning having ways to groom and clean ones self and environment. It's one thing to not smell, but to not smell, look your best and have extra money in your pocket is something everyone wants.

Et Cetera

Covering other things such as;

  • Getting education for very little or for free

  • What hobbies you can get into to kill time in a positive manner and possibly turn a profit

  • Ways to manage your time efficiently and effectively, for example, things like multitasking when your working on repetative

Why An Org File?

Org files are Plaintext files that can be read with or without an org environment such as Emacs or vim, so whether or not you use a text editor or a simple document viewer you would still be able to read the org file. Another major benefit to org is that you can export the guide as HTML, PDF, etc, easily for each iteration of this guide, allowing even more ways to read and allowing more people to be able to access the guide.