Less bloated way of looking at COVID-19 information. allows for offline-use and has info for useful aliases.
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Covid-19 CLI Tracker

Just a silly little tracker that provides a simple way to get the data for covid-19 to print in your terminal.

I built this for myself since I didn’t want to rely on the coronachan irc bot since I’m not online 24/7, so offline is a must, simplicity, less data usage since my x200 doesn’t have the best wifi-card, and finally the ability to add silly pictures to the tracker so it’s not so gloom || doom. I don’t claim to be a bash master, I just use it for small things and editing system configs, so please don’t request anything via update, of you don’t like the scripts, change them yourself or don’t use them, you have the freedom to do whatever with it.

Requirements: This requires jq which I recomend having if you consume a lot of data via shell scripts, it makes your life a lot easier. The coronachan script requires image2ascii which is self explanitory, but you cna replace with whatever image or ascii converter you wish.

What do?

The main file is coronaupdate.sh, this is only ran when you want to update the data. Use an alias to access the data and grep what you need. cat or less the cached formatted data and that’s about it.


If you want to make full use of this script I’d recomend making an alias for it, since, c’mon, I know you want to keep looking at the stats.

alias corona="cat ~/.cache/corona-formatted" \
      coronaupdate="~/Code/shell/covid/corona-update.sh" \


If you want to be big-brained about it and not have to worry about running an alias everytime you want something, then think about modifying the script by removing the case and setting to a cron job. I don’t want to make assumptions when putting a repo on github so I have that conditional for it.

Note: Remember to run the update script first. After you do that it’s saved in that ~/.cache/corona-formatted so just cat that to see what there is.


To get the coronachan image run the coronachan.sh script and modify to your liking, alternatively you can just use the image provided (coronachan.txt) and cat that in the terminal. It’s included just to have something else. Emojis are optional as well, just remove them and change to your liking.