Emacs tools for zola
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Emacs commands for working with Zola, making it so you never have to leave Emacs. Zola is in reference to the Zola static site generator.


Please Note The package currently is a Work In Progress, and while it works in it's current state there will be more work done on it.


Needs Testing!

Clone this in your .emacs or wherever you clone local elisp files.

git clone <git url> --depth=1

Add the file to your .init

(require 'zola)

If you use use-package, you can use that method.

(use-package eaf
  :load-path "<path-to-zola.el")


  • Right now this works for starting and tearing down the local zola server

  • This project is so I can learn elisp a bit better and have a neat tool

  • If this project starts to get past being just a zola server and works with more of zola then I'll consider adding it to Melpa, and maybe AUR

If you want to check if the site it running then type the url into eww to see how it'll look so you don't have to leave emacs to view your site.


If you want to help improve the project then please create an issue or pull request.